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Kanye West 'Graduation' album cover art

The bear with a backpack is graduating. What do you think? I think it's pretty good stuff. Do you like it more than Common's new album cover? [Bump Blog]

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Album Cover Art
Kanye West

Kanye's album art slays Common's because the cover of the latter looks a bit too much like a corporate-ish, iTunes-ish stereotypical easy design. Kanye's is nice and simple and completes the trilogy. Common does have some dope covers in his resume but the new one is WACK.

Josh H.

kinda cool how he stuck with the bear and school theme.

Dave Park

yeah i agree i didnt think he'd stick with that throughout all of his albums. and btw josh h. i heard that he was doing four albums in this series, with the last being called Good Ass Job, i dont know if im way off base with this one or not but i read that somewhere.

Kid A

that would be pretty funny if the last album would be called Good Ass Job.

Dave Park

Looks pretty fake to me. All the objects except for the bear look like stock imagery, you could throw this together within five minutes with Photoshop. I expect him to stick with the theme but to come with something better that this.

J To The A.A.P.

I'll admit that it could be a photoshop job, but I went with it since the Bump blog post called it "official."

Dave Park

[...] Verder Kanye nieuws; vele sites claimen de albumhoes voor Graduation al te hebben maar ik weet &#8216;t niet&#8230; Ziet er nogal fake uit als je &#8216;t mij vraagt. Oordel zelf hier. [...]

Kanye&#8217;s Nieuwe Clip: Stronger &laquo; WildSt

that's not the official cover, it's from a cover contest on a fan site.


jerome is right it was a contest on kanyetalk,com ( a fan site) some how managed to around the web. The offical cover will be made by muriski who also designed the mixtape cover and stronger!


i went to the museum of the guy who drew this.
No faker.


takashi murakami!


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