Kanye West Ghosts Twitter and Instagram

    “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist!”

    Kanye West’s Instagram and Twitter accounts disappeared Friday afternoon, leaving fans and followers of the 39-year-old artist perplexed. This wouldn’t be the first time that West’s social media accounts have gone awry —in August of last year his Twitter account went offline due to technical difficulties on Twitter’s back end.

    Kanye West Twitter Gone

    The chart-topping rapper and record producer was largely silent on social media since a slew of botched concert dates and a canceled tour last November leading up to his hospitalization. In San Jose, West stopped a concert mid-performance to admit that he didn’t vote. and that he “would’ve voted to Trump.” This was met unfavorably by the concert attendees, who erupted into a cacophony boos (h/t Spin). A few days later he cancelled a Sacramento show after being on stage for only fifteen minutes. West, later hospitalized for exhaustion, withdrew his support for Trump, deleting his previous posts that favored the president-elect.

    Previously, West had made it clear that he felt free to express himself on social media, stating that “we’re going to be gone in a hundred years,” and that he had no regrets about making his opinions known. This became evident as confrontation with other celebrities on social media became commonplace for West. However, he did make it clear that any comments made about his family (and more specifically, his children) were strictly off limits to both his haters and supporters (h/t eonline.com).

    Ironically, Kardashian-West couple released their children’s clothing line today. The line, called The Kid’s Supply, features a variety of designer items from bomber jackets to Calabasas track pants and jerseys, all priced above $50.

    Perhaps West’s disappearance from social media is just another coincidental error on social media similar to what happened last August. Then again, maybe there’s more to the artist’s online silence. The reason, be it political, personal, or technical error remains to be seen.

    UPDATE: We’ve added some Tweets from fans theorizing why Mr. West’s social media accounts have disappeared although it’s most likely related to working on a new album in the mountains of Wyoming.