Kanye West Doesn’t Have A Cell Phone; French Montana Says It’s Genius

    Sometimes you ask yourself “Why is this important?”–don’t do that, because it’s not just flagrant gossip for the sake of stirring the media mulligan stew. There’s actually some logic behind this one, and French Montana will explain (in a second).

    So it goes, Kanye West doesn’t have a cell phone, and that may have been the reason that French Montana signed to Bad Boy rather than G.O.O.D. Music. I know, even at this point, this all sounds asinine, but French will explain:

    “I always thought it was brilliant for Kanye not to have a phone. It’s like, with me, I deal with people different. It’s not like I don’t use [E-mail]. Everybody uses e-mail. I go on there to check for beats but I don’t really be hitting people on it to talk.

    “I like to talk to people, especially when my whole career is in your hands. Sometimes, I just want to hit you like in the middle of the night like “Look I just came up with this.” I’m more that kind of person, hand to hand with it. I mean feel like at times I don’t want no phone, either. If you are at a certain level like Kanye is at, most of the people who are calling your phone, are people who are going to ask you for something, negative energy.”

    Makes sense now, doesn’t it? Think about all of those meaningless calls rife with drivel and uselessness, imagine you’re Kanye West, and amplify it. You’re talking sunrise-to-sunrise calls and texts. Run back to last year, and you’ll recall Big Sean saying something similar in an interview with Sohh:

    “Strictly e-mail, man [Kanye]. Strictly through e-mail. But when he’s with somebody, you gotta call the person he’s with. He’s a weird guy like that.

    Personally, I find it hard to believe Kanye doesn’t have a phone, but I can be down with the idea that he doesn’t use it much. Maybe if there were a “most expensive phone on the market that no one else except Jay-Z and Warren Buffett can own” deal, he’d probably have it, but there isn’t. Oh, yeah, Kanye’s on a phone in the picture above. [Vibe]