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Track Review: Kanye West - "Can't Tell Me Nothing"

I don't know what to think about Kanye West songs anymore. I don't even know what he is and isn't writing on his own. And at this point, he's hit a repetitive loop in his subject matter. Enter "Can't Tell Me Nothin," which sounds like the bastard child of "Jesus Walks" and "All Falls Down." Oddly enough, Kanye outsourced the production duties to Toomp, who gives the track a Dirty South feel. And that's cool and all, except that Kanye's rhymes only belong on his own work. But pretentious attitudes aside, it all sounds good. Which counts for a lot. I suppose.
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Kanye West
Track Review

why won't he let someone else do the singing bits on his records? he bit the bullet on the scratch ... just suck it up and admit you can't really sing, dude.

Mike Krolak

Kanye is still so conflicted, but I like the track. Didn't think it was a Toomp beat until I heard the Jeezy sample.

Dave Park

dam i think this beat is fire.... kanyezzzy is a lil below average with the raps.... i hope is album is still fire tho YEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAA

drew monkey's

And on a side note...Who is singing the "Good Money Made" chorus? The female vocals.

Sean McQ


Expected Somethingdifferent

I'm feelin this one. Nice Beat from Deep Samples, Deep lyrics about money and his new celebrity status. Kanye comin back for dat ass fasho.


"it all sounds good. Which counts for a lot. I suppose." Um, does anything else count in a song? It seems like Kanye's not the only one with "pretentious attitudes".


Uuu, my goodness! I love Kanye, I understand his lyrics-his music -he is not that kind of a person who compromise what is in his heart because of pressure. He is so bold, so real, he inspires me a lot. go ahead kanye whether they like it or not, stage is all yours you rock!! you powerful man.


This song is crazy


Connie Mitchell a.k.a. Miss Connie is doing the vocals.


This is one of Kanye's stronger songs on the album, if you disagree -- you're not smart. I love the beat, the video, and the flow. Kanye is tellin all of you who hate on his music it doesn't matter, hes the one making millions -- you are the ones sitting in front of a computer writing negative reviews about a great artist. KANYE IS SICK DONT HATE


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