Kanye West Apologizes for Leaking Spike Jonze Clip

    Kanye West has been getting a lot of practice at apologizing to people, and he repeated the trick again on his blog yesterday (Oct. 19). West had leaked a Spike Jonze directed clip titled We Were Once a Fairytale, which was originally shot to promote his 808s and Heartbreak album.


    Many clips of the video are still circulating online, and will continue to do so—it’s pretty much impossible to keep something under wraps once it’s leaked. But West has apologized for the post with a simple message on his blog that says: “Sorry I had to take it down :(.”


    We Were Once a Fairytale originally premiered at the LA Film Festival back in June this year, but only surfaced online this week. It’s not clear why West had to remove the video—perhaps Jonze’s people felt it conflicted with the release of Where the Wild Things Are?—but the hip-hop star is probably just hoping the incident blows over quickly.