Kanye West Announces New Adidas Products Will Drop In June

    Hip-hop’s most eccentric personality, Kanye West, had a few things to say at the adidas Global Brand Conference in Germany today regarding his collaboration with the famous shoe company. Taking their business relationship a step further, Kanye West announced that the public will see the first line of his products in June. 

    But besides dropping the big news, West, in typical fashion, had a few more things to say about artistic creativity and even namedrops a few inventors and creators like Steve Jobs and Thomas Edison. 

    “It looks weird when you see someone so famous for one thing, attempting to create at a different space,” said West. “But Thomas Edison wasn’t limited to one career.” He continued: “And what I love about a product is that it’s a usable form of art,” said Kanye. “It’s like when we have something the entire office gets excited about, it feels like we’re giving back and creating something for the world and adding to the conversation.”

    Watch the full video below.