Kanye West to be given anger management

    It seems Kanye West needs to be sent to the time out room of the nursery school that is Hip Hop. After a series of increasingly hilarious angry blog posts, which almost led me to believe he was responsible for every YouTube comment ever written, Kanye will be enrolling in Anger Management classes. For some of his close friends however, this registration comes a bit…late?

    On the personal front, the source says, “Not only has Kanye estranged himself from some pretty important people in the music business, but his temper has driven away a number of longtime friends.”

    It’s sad to see one of the most interesting hip hop icons of the past five years implode like has has been doing of late, but then again, that volatility is part of why we loved him to begin with. Hopefully in the future he can learn to express his anger in methods other than all-caps, poorly spelled rants. [Chicago Sun-Times]