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Kanye West and Bjork Books To Be Published By 33 1/3

33 1/3 is a series of books written about classic albums. It has already featured a number of cornerstone records including The Jimi Hendrix Experience's Electric Ladyland, Radiohead's OK Computer and Beastie Boys' Paul's Boutique, and it now plans to include more.  

Marking their 10th anniversary, 33 1/3 will be releasing a new series of books inspired by Kanye West, J Dilla, Bjork, Michael Jackson, and more. Similar to their other books, the publishers will dissect and analyze certain elements of these albums which has made it a part of the modern musical canon. 

The first book will feature Serge Gainsbourg’s Histoire de Melody Nelson, written by Darran Anderson and will be followed by They Might Be Giants' Flood  and Andrew WK's I Get Wet. 

Check out the full series below:

Check out the full list of the announced titles below.

Serge Gainsbourg’s Histoire de Melody Nelson, by Darran Anderson

They Might Be Giants’ Flood, by S. Alexander Reed and Philip Sandifer

Andrew WK’s I Get Wet, by Phillip Crandall

Beach Boys’ Smile, by Luis A. Sanchez

Gang of Four’s Entertainment!, by Kevin Dettmar

J Dilla’s Donuts, by Jordan Ferguson Richard

Hell and the Voidoids’ Blank Generation, by Pete Astor

Liz Phair’s Exile in Guyville by Gina Arnold

Oasis’ Definitely Maybe, by Alex Niven

Kanye West’s My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, by Kirk Walker Graves

Sigur Ros’ ( ), by Ethan Hayden

Bjork’s Biophilia, by Nicola Dibben

Bobbie Gentry’s Ode to Billie Joe, by Tara Murtha

Danger Mouse’s The Grey Album, by Charles Fairchild

Hole’s Live Through This, by Anwyn Crawford

Michael Jackson’s Dangerous, by Susan Fast

Dead Kennedys’ Fresh Fruit for Rotting Vegetables, by Mike Foley

Devo’s Freedom of Choice, by Evie Nagy

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