Kanye West Allegedly Assaults 18-Year-Old Who Called Kim Kardashian A “N***** Lover” (Update)

    Dang, Kanye.


    Kanye West has been accused of attacking an 18 year old after he reportedly hurled a racial comment to his fiancé, Kim Kardashian. According to TMZ, Kardashian entered a medical office in Beverly Hills, Ca, where she was swarmed by paparazzi. The 18 year old then proceeded to hold the door for Kardashian to walk through in an act of “kindness.” Next, the young man said “F*** these fa****-ass n******,” referring to the paparazzi who just swarmed Kardashian. She then told him it was not appropriate to use the N-word.  The young man, not taking kind to Kardashians scolding, said, “F*** you, b****. Just trying to help you. Shut up n***** lover, stupid slut.” Kanye came soon after and burst into the waiting room of chiropractor Richard Hill, to confront the 18-year-old. According to some eye-witnesses, Kanye punched the guy and Kim screamed, “We have it all on tape.”  Now, Kanye is a suspect of battery. What a way to start the year.


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