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Kanye Pushes Back Release Date Of New Album

No one actually thought that Kanye West’s new yet-to-be titled album would really drop on Sept. 14, right? Well, if you were one of the slightly naïve, eternally hopeful few who thought you’d be bumping his fifth full-length in just over a month, there is some bad news for you: Mr. West has pushed back the release date to Oct. 12.


Anyone else shocked? I didn’t think so.


Until then, anticipating fans can continue to get their Kanye fix through live footage, his epically ridiculous tweets and the “Power” video, which is supposed to be debuted on MTV later this evening.



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Kanye West

KW needn't finish his album. He needn't name it. He is irrelevant. He should just go away and spend all the money he made off the youth of America and get it over with.

I love the song runaway,will wait for the release of the album.


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