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Kanye Has Been Apologizing All Day, Will Continue To Do So On Leno Tonight

Though Kanye West has been pilloried all day for his behavior at last night's VMAs, he might have finally hit upon the perfect note for his apology. In a second message to Taylor Swift and whatever remains of his fan base, West said that he feels "just like Ben Stiller in Meet the Parents when he messed everything up and Robert DeNiro asked him to leave..." Truly, these are the words of a contrite man, but if you would like to see another, televised apology, West will be appearing on Jay Leno's new show tonight. I hope he gets him on the couch: "Kanye, what were you thinking?" He also might ask West why his list of allusions is so short that he conveys depth of sorrow with a Ben Stiller reference. [Rolling Stone]

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so unprofessional and so embarrassing why is he smiling? karma wil come back twice since he already did it before next time don't drink henesy lame go up on tv on the stage saying that proves your selfish the don't have any lol weird music lockdown lol


Kanye's 3rd apology on Jay Leno.... Was that really an apology??? Kanye did seem a bit remorseful. Read the text of interview here:


Super funny mashup of the VMA outburst



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