Kanye + Bieber = BFFL

    Finally, the Twitter stars have aligned to give us a collaboration for the ages: Kanye West, Justin Bieber and… Raekwon? When Kanye took to the Twittersphere yesterday, he was all abuzz over Bieber’s “Runaway Love” off the My World 2.0 album which after seventeen listens he proclaimed “the truth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” (Give or take a few exclamation points.) In turn, Bieber responded with typical “aw shucks” platitudes (as Bieber is wont to do) like “I’m kinda hyped u are listening to my stuff” and “I’m 16.” It’s a friendship made in Twitter heaven!


    But the best part of this interaction is when West Tweeted at Bieber, “Maybe we can do something together. Me, You and Raekwon,” a collaboration hinted at in Revelations 8:6… actually, what am I talking about? That would be an incredible song. We might get some great Twitpics of Raekwon lighting up a blunt next to Bieber or Kanye comparing footwear with the young Canadian. Cynicism be damned.