K-Pop’s “Gangnam Style” Wonder PSY Will Unveil New Single On April 13, 2013

    It hasn’t even been a year yet since South Korea’s PSY hit the scene with his massive hit “Gangnam Style.” Ever since the single took off virally on YouTube, he has essentially become an international star. In the United States he has done everything from make appearances on MTV’s Video Music Awards, ‘SNL’, ‘TMZ’, and ‘Good Morning America’ and numerous other variety shows. The video has broken the records on YouTube for the most views and Likes. So what else is next for PSY? Well, recently a Diplo remix came out featuring 2 Chainz and Tyga. But what everyone wants is a brand new single. 

    But now, according to his representatives fans around the world will finally get to year this elusive new single on April 13, 2013. The song single will be performed live at his “Happening” concert in Seoul at the Seoul World Cup Stadium.

    “Psy will hold his solo concert at the Seoul World Cup Stadium on April 13th in front of approximately 40,000 fans and is set to unveil his new single for the first time. For this concert, Psy will be returning to Korea on the 17th to hold a practice session for the event and prepare for the release of his single… We are currently setting up the schedule for the release of his album as well as his domestic and overseas promotions. He will  be returning to the States immediately following the concert and begin promoting his new single.”

    So while we wait as to whether PSY can still bring it with his new single, let’s not forget one of the characterisitics that made up 2012:

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