Watch K-pop Viral Sensation PSY’s ‘Saturday Night Live’ Debut Appearance

    On Friday there were a few rumors flying around that the K-pop guru PSY would be making an appearance on NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.” Well, the rumors were true. PSY did make his debut appearance on the show through a skit. 

    The skit had actor/comedian Bobby Moynihan portraying PSY as a sort of device that performs “Gangnam Style” when a red button was pressed. As the button was pressed multiple times, more and more characters from the actual music video appeared with each performance. But in the end, the real PSY came out demonstrating the true powers of the “Gangnam Style” horse dance.

    As his popularity in the United States continues to grow, PSY may be due to perform on SNL himself. Scooter Braun better make it happen while the iron is still hot.

    Watch the skit below: