Justin Timberlake Is Ready, Teases New Material (Video)

    Literally after we posted about the rumor that Justin Timberlake will have a new single with Beyonce and Jay-Z, he sent out a tweet that stated he thinks he’s ready.

    Heading over to the link in the tweet, we are given a one minute video with Timberlake giving out some narration while the video follows him heading into the studio. He speaks about fulfillment and about wanting to put out something that he loves. In the end, you eventually hear him state that he’s “ready.” So although we weren’t gifted a brand new Justin Timberlake track, we know that it’s coming and that it’s something he loves. And after the video there’s a countdown which leads to something happening on Monday…

    So while we wait for the Timberland produced work, watch his teaser video below: