Justin Timberlake Hints At Pharrell & Timbaland Collaboration

    It’s been over a decade since the mega pop star Justin Timberlake has worked with Pharrell and The Neptunes. Together they produced his debut solo album Justified which has gone multi-platinum. Since then, he has recently hinted at the possibility for them to cross paths once again. In an interview with Kiss FM in the UK, he even blew up some more on that possibility. So when he was asked, he stated:

    Absolutely, you know I just saw Pharrell. We actually have…we…He did something for his record. There’s some stuff in the pipeline.  Actually, there’s a potential one…I don’t want to jump, I don’t want to jump the gun here because I don’t know what it’s going to turn into. But there’s a potential Pharrell Timbaland meet. There’s a potential… But we’ll have to see. We’ll have to see. It’s up to those guys. I think future is bright for me and Pharrell to get back together.

    So while he kept the news under wraps, let’s cross our fingers.

    For now, the second half The 20/20 Experience will be released on September 30, 2013 via RCA Records.

    Listen to his interview with Kiss FM below where he also speaks about why he hasn’t collaborated with Kanye West yet.

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