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Justin Timberlake Has A 3-Way On SNL With Lady Gaga And Andy Samberg

As part of his hosting gig on SNL last night, Justin Timberlake reprised his role as one half of that raunchy R&B group with Andy Samberg. This video, "3 Way," picks up where "Motherlover" left off, finding Samberg and Timberlake getting into a threesome with Lady Gaga, because as they say, when there's a honey in the middle, there's a little leeway. It's the debate that has raged in middle school locker rooms since Jesus ran the pick and roll with Peter, and it's gets sent up here. You might say this isn't as funny as "Dick in a Box," but nothing like this ever will be. But this is about as great as SNL gets now. Which is still damn funny. 

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