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Justin Hawkins Denies The Darkness Are Reforming

Yesterday we reported that outré cock rockers The Darkness had reformed, causing everyone at Prefix to see if they could squeeze into those mothballed spandex pants that had been lying in a closet since the halcyon days of Permission to Land. Sadly, it appears those efforts were wasted, as singer Justin Hawkins claims via Twitter that the reunion isn’t happening.


Hawkins was clearly amused by the original story published in British tabloid The Sun, who claimed that drummer Ed Graham had reunited the singer with his brother, Dan, by inviting them over to see his newborn son. Unfortunately (and somewhat hilariously), it appears Graham doesn’t actually have any kids.


The singer claims the reports were “essentially horse shit,” but obviously found them to be a hoot, saying that he was “startled to read that I've been spending time with a small child that I didn't know existed!” and that “Neither Dan nor I were aware of a 'bitter feud' that has lasted half a decade. We've been at war for over 30 years!”


Click here to read more of Hawkins’ thoughts on the report.


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The Darkness

I always felt like this band was a case where everyone got it right: They were okay for one album--fun even--but a second album of this stuff? Who cares? And that's what happened. They had one album that sold a bunch, and that second one tanked.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

Agreed. They packed all their ideas into one album, there was no need for a second. Hawkins is sporting a fantastic 'stache these days, judging from the backdrop to his Twitter page.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/nick/461770063_f6a8d92e3a_s.jpg nick

More like they packed all of the New York Dolls and AC/DC's ideas into one album.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/thestorfer/1202393jpeg.jpeg andross

I thought the band was great! Excellent work. Permission To Land was a real rock album. 70's & 80's clones...yeah, but we needed that again. I hope they reform.


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