Justin Bieber Tolerable When Slowed Down 800 Percent

    It was only last month that El-P decided to make Justin Bieber palatable by mangling the shit out of the pop sensation’s “Baby.” The “Death Mix” found El-P sampling Paul McCartney & Wings and tossing in Sam Kinison ad libs to create one of the better viral tracks of the past year. Well, I’m not saying this remix of the Biebs beats out that one, but damn, producer Shamantis might just have something here. For whatever reason — probably boredom — he decided to slow down “U Smile” 800 percent to create another means of listening to Bieber without wanting to rip your ears off. The results are admittedly tolerable and, well, enjoyable as it essentially sounds like a 35-minute, synth-filled track from Sigur Ros.


    Stream “U Smile” slowed down 800 percent below.


    J. BIEBZ – U SMILE 800% SLOWER by Shamantis