Justin Bieber Suing Over iPhone Game ‘Joustin’ Beaver’

    It’s not often that we cover the goings-on of Justin Bieber. Usually, it’s to report on a seemingly random collaboration with a rapper, like how he was recently in the studio with Timbaland and Lil Wayne. But sometimes, we can’t help but see crazy shit like this and write about it, because how ridiculous is it that someone made an iPhone game called Joustin’ Beaver? And, even better, how absurd it is that he sent his legal team after the developers, RC3? OK, that’s kind of understandable, though apparently they’re not budging.

    “The game is a parody and is protected by the First Amendment of the Constitution. Nowhere in the game is Justin Bieber’s name, photo, image, or life story mentioned.”

    This story is the best, if only because of how fucking stupid it is. [Idolator]