Justin Bieber Murder And Castration Plot Uncovered By Police

    Here’s the bizarrest story you’ll likely run across today. Two men were arrested for plotting to castrate and murder Justin Bieber when the pop superstar was going to be in NYC to play a show at Madison Square Garden. 

    Mark Staake and his nephew Tanner Ruane were allegedly hired by 45-year-old prision inmate Dana Martin to take out the Canadian star. Martin is reportedly obsessed with Bieber and  has a tattoo of the star on his leg.  [National Post via DS]

    The plot began in Las Cruces prison, in New Mexico, where Staake met convicted serial killer and rapist Dana Martin. Martin, 45, at that point hired Staake, who was also serving time, to carry out four murders after Staake was released from prison — one of which was to be Bieber.

    An affidavit from the New Mexico State Police said Martin wanted the high-profile target dead so the convict would become more infamous from behind bars.


    According to reports, Martin, who is currently serving two life sentences for the 2000 rape and murder of a 15-year-old girl, turned Staake and Ruane in to police.

    WPTZ.com in Burlington, Vt., said Ruane described how his role in the murders would to be castrate the victims with a pair of hedge clippers.

    “I was going to go ‘Snip, Snip,’ ” said investigator Clinton Norris of the New Mexico state police, quoting a jailhouse recording of Ruane to Martin. [National Post]