Justin Bieber Meeting K-pop Star PSY About A Collaboration?

    Six albums into his career, Korean K-pop star PSY has released a global phenomenon. His new single “Gangnam Style” has gone internationally viral.  The video to date has racked over 30,000,000 million hits on his YouTube channel. Yes, that’s 30,000,000. It’s even been tweeted about by celebrities such as T-Pain where he claims “words cannot even describe how amazing this video is.”

    The video has even caught the attention of YouTube superstar Justin Bieber himself. Asian One reported that the K-pop legend will be meeting the Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun in Los Angeles this week. No details have been confirmed.

    Is there a possibility of a collaboration with Bieber doing the “horsey dance” along with PSY? If so, this kind of project can literally blow the “Hallyu Wave” through the roof! Maybe LMFAO can get in on the action and we can get the “Horsey Shuffle” out of it as well. [NMA.tv via Asia One]