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Justin Bieber Is Working On A Rap Album

Somehow, this is not a joke. Justin Bieber is teaming up with Young Money's 17-year-old protege, Lil Twist, to make a mixtape, on which Bieber will be rapping. The mixtape is already "in the works," according to Twist, and will be out "maybe next year."

He went on to say that the duo recently covered Travis McCoy's "Billionaire" -- “We did that over with our own words, like a remix," he told "That’s how we’re gonna do the majority of the mixtape, with other people’s records and just me freestyling over it. And Justin’s a rapper now, so he’s gonna be goin’ in.”

Look, we all thought it was kind of funny when he debuted his rapper alter-ego, Shawty Mane. But this has gone too far. Justin Bieber should not allowed to make rap mixtapes.

Also, in an interview with MTV, Bieber explained how he came up with said nom du rap: "I don't know, me and my friends were just messing around and they were like, 'Shawty Mane,' and I was like, 'Yeah, that'll be my nickname.' Shawty Mane is just like a funny character. You know, Justin Bieber is not a rapper, and it would just be lame if I came out rapping." Which, yes.


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How about a remake of Butters,

Ya want to do what in my Butt?


We just voted, and we've all agreed we hate this.

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