Justin Bieber Is The First To Reach 3 Billion YouTube Views

    Just last year, Justin Bieber broke Internet records by becoming the first person to crack the 2 billion mark on YouTube views. In a year’s time, his videos have earned another billion clicks, meaning Bieber has crashed through the three billion-view threshold–yet another world record for the teen superstar.

    He’s a canny showman, as his recent publicity stunt has shown. In fact, the 44 million (and counting) views of his new “Beauty And A Beat” video with Nicki Minaj probably pushed him over the top. When aliens sift through the charred remains of our civilization many millenia from now, they’ll know one thing: we really, really loved the Biebs. If you haven’t done so already, why not add to Bieber’s digital empire by watching “Beauty And A Beat” below? [Zap2It]