Justin Bieber In The Studio With Timbaland, And Maybe Lil Wayne

    Everyone knows that Weezy is a pretty serious skateboarding fanatic regardless of the fact that he can’t manage a kick-flip, and as for Justin Bieber, well, you just have to imagine that he’s easily falling into those late-adolescent cliches due to the temptation to look cool. Whatever the case is, Weezy and J.B. were captured sharing an interesting moment down in Miami doing a little boardwork together after possibly sharing some studio time.

    Here’s what Bieber tweeted:

    “Good time in the studio last night. Back at it tonight. oh yeah…and big bro came thru.”

    Based off of the picture, you have to assume “big bro” means Weezy. It’s the “came thru” part that’s most interesting though. Bieber’s currently in the studio working with Timbaland–“yo @justinbieber played me some of his joints last nite, craziee. the dude is super talented & our work ethics are just alike. #hitsondeck,” Timbaland tweeted–so you’ve got to figure if Weezy was in the area, some kind of session went down. It’s hard to believe they just got together to shoot the sh*t and skateboard, though I’d prefer that was the case. Hip-hop’s already seen enough of Justin Bieber.

    As for the pictures, well, they would certainly make for some of those nice generic portraits they put in picture frames at Walmart before you purchase them. [RapUp]

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