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Justin Bieber Doesn't Know What German Means, Worries Educators

If you were anywhere near Chicago yesterday, the news that young R&B phenom Justin Bieber was in town to sing that National Anthem at the White Sox game was inescapable. WGN Chicago said it best when they declared a wave of "Bieber Fever" sweeping the city. Bieber, still 16 for those keeping track, was in town to film and episode of Oprah on Tuesday before he spread his contagious influenza of cuteness throughout the rest of the country.


Man, the kid's really lucky, you know? He's able to attend sporting events on school days and chat it up with America's richest and most popular talk show host, let alone being the acne-free face of his genration. The only issue is, as seen in this video, that Bieber doesn't know what Germany is. Well, maybe he does, but he has no idea what then a "German" could be.



"Maybe not knowing what Germany is isn't so bad," you might think to yourself. "I mean, do you really have to know what Germany is to live a normal life?" Well, to answer your question, I cite these pieces of evidence:


A. Bieber is a German name.

B. Justin Bieber has been to Germany before.

C. In the past century, Germany is probably the country that affected America more than any other.

D.Yes, Bieber's Canadian, not German, but in the video he tells the interviewer that "We don't say [German] in America."

No, he's not the sharpest crayon in the box, but he likes basketball. This is all that matters.


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Justin Bieber

Wow! This is pretty sad. Maybe he should be in school rather than sitting on Oprah's couch.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/paulgiunta/avatarjpg.jpg paulgiunta

As a preface, I'm the furthest thing from a Bieber fan. Honestly, I can't believe how ridiculous this whole thing has become. What really bothers me is how quick everyone is to jump on the bandwagon and call this kid stupid.

The question was, "Is German for basketball?" He cas confused because A) the interviewer has a thick accent and it's hard to tell what he said initially, and B) "Is German for basketball?" isn't a question!

The person that sent the question in was presumably saying, "Justin Bieber is German for basketball." It was a statement, not a question. The interviewer read his cue card wrong.

For the love of... PAY ATTENTION people!! I can't believe how many news outlets latched onto this stupid story. What a waste of bandwidth.


The first time I heard the question I didn't understand it either...The guy messed it up "German for basketball, true or false?" over and over you should repeat the whole question: "Is Bieber German for basketball, true or false? just saying but I don't think it was his falut


It's been taken out of context. The question was "Bieber is German for basketball, true or false?"
I'm not the sharpest crayon in the box and even I understand it's the complete question that is confusing him. Watch the video again and you should gauge Justin never states he doesn't know what German means, it's obvious the concept of the question is confusing him. He says "Is German for....I don't know what that means". HE DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO CONCETUALIZE "BIEBER IS GERMAN FOR BASKETBALL". Simple as that. I hope you don't feel too silly being whipped up in media hype.


He was also shown the question and still didn't know what German meant. Tutors and home schooling don't cover anything except what is on the test.


The interviewer isnot thick.
it is a New Zealand accent and they were playing a TRUE or FALSE game.
Drew-the presenter asked is bieber basketball in german ?
meaning does bieber mean basketball in the german language. YOU people are dumb if u dont know what that means.

Just because u cant understand a particular accent doesnt mean its a stupid accent , it just may mean that ur thick :P
heads up !

Rubi H

Ummmm, when someone says "Thick Accent" it doesn't mean they are thick, it means a "strong" accent.
But I understood the question straight away, lucky Bieber is making money now because his "smarts" aren't going to get him too far in life. :)


c'mon, seriously? he misunderstood what he was asking him. as if anyone can not know what "German" means, he can COUNT in German for gods sake, and has told people before what his name means in German. ( it means "beaver" )
also, "America" does not equal "USA". he is refering to "NORTH AMERICA" because he thought what the interviewer was saying was some kind of slang. stop trashing a little boy for no reason, good god, does sociotey have nothing better to do? if your so worried about kids not being smart enough, perhaps instead of complaing about how stupid this one young person is when you dont even know him, you could complain about the faults in the education system, which are hurting young people in the first place, hmm?




What in the world? the interviewer obviously said "JUSTIN... iM sorry BIEBER. the he asked the question" Is german for basketball?" WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THAT? YOU CANT OBVIOUSLY TELL ME HWO TO ANSWER THAT QUESTION. and plus who cares about the interviewers' accent? that question doesnt make any sense at all. Go jb

Chloe M


calling a N.Z accent thick u ***
Maybe You need to go back to school and learn how to understand english ?


He wasn't asking about the question. He said "Bieber is German for Basketball. True or False?" Not a hard question. Justin says "Is what?" He's asking for him to repeat the word. "Is German for basketball." Justin: "German? I don't know what that is." How can you think he is talking about not knowing what the question is asking when he states obviously that he doesn't know what German is? I understand that he might have had a brainfart but don't say that he is confused about the question as a whole when he clearly states "I don't know what that is; we don't say that in America." What other word could he be talking about when he says "We don't say that in America"? Basketball? Is? He obviously knew what he meant by basketball...He is obviously referring to German.


took me i long time to understand it too, but affter reading all of the comments and watching the video again to understand. haha he knows what "german" means he just didnt really understnd the context of the question he though german was being used as like a adjective hahah ohhhh justin(:


Lolling hard, here. Loving the comments...

/site_media/uploads/images/users/Kadgi/DSC04569.JPG Kadgi

Actually the question wasn't that hard to understand. The host asked him if it was true or false that his last name meant 'basketball' in German. It was the whole 'in German' part he couldn't grasp. Maybe it was because of the host's thick accent, maybe not. He was given a chance to READ the true or false question, though, and still had no clue what was going on. Don't crucify the kid over this but maybe he should have been spending more time on his studies -in elementry school when we all learned what Germany was and that they spoke German there. Or, maybe he was having an off day, we will never really know! Honestly, there are so many more important things going on in the world than some 16 year old celeb who doesn't know the answer to a simple question. Get a grip.


Ok, the kid isn't up to scratch with general knowledge. But he's making money somehow, that's all that matters.

Like his music, don't idolise his intelligence.


ok you can't seriously call him stupid! i mean he had no idea what the interviewer was saying! i mean the word "german" sounded like "genen" so he would have understood the question if the interviewer could have sounded it out to him! plus why he hell should he know if his name means basketball in german? the public is so quick to judge celebrities! think for a moment about the whole thing logically! honestly!


hej justin a po vjen ne kosov i love youuuuuu(K)

laura and bjonda

Oh please!!! He was shown the question which was written in English. Sorry, some remedial lessons/ classes might be in order.


for the love of god. I understood the question the very first time the guy said it, there is no excuse for not knowing what "german" is. Beiber repeated it and was like HURP DURP WUT IS GERMAN.

stay in school, kids.


ma i foftii je (L)i love justin bieber


Okay I dont know why everyone is getting so worked up about?? I love Justin and The interview guy just read the card wrong thats it!! I didn't understand the question either when he first read it and the thing probably is with Justin is that he didn't understand the word with that seb=ntnce Imean like what does " German for Basktball' mean!! I know what germany is and i know what baketball is but I dont get the 2 words 2gether. plus You can't be calling Justin stupid cause he gets straight A's.. Im Done now ;)


How can you not call this kid stupid? He needs to be in a school and not on the streets signing autographs and worrying about his hair. This just makes me more disgusted with him.


only one thing I know
Justin Bieber is the best


Turns out Bieber is German for moron.

Dune Boom

ooo my god I love You Justiiiiin<3<3


The kid grew up 20 mins away from Kitchener Ontario, the city that hosts north americas largest Octoberfest. The city used to be named Berlin because of the number of German settlers who built the place. I'm guessing he didn't get out much before becoming the next big thing.


justin bieber i love you so much and you are the best janna alma kiss kiss puqi puqi


He's lucky he'll always be able to make a living on his knees ...


Rick "He was also shown the question and still didn't know what German meant. Tutors and home schooling don't cover anything except what is on the test. "

Well Rick... I hate to burst your bubble, but it's that way with all forms of schooling. With the "No kid left behind" rule, even the public schools only teach what is going to be on the test designed by the state. I aught to know, that's what their teaching my kid. And then they push the children through, even if they haven't learned anything. Besides, the home schooling curriculum is approved by the government. So, if you want to blame something/someone, blame the rule.


Reply to Anodyne - How about YOU pay attention, Im not a JB fan either. I think he sounds like a little girl and is not made for radio, but the host read " JUSTIN BIEBER Is German for basketball; TRUE OR FALSE?" *****It was a true or false statement***** Im sure he knows what German is, but misinterpreted the context in which the speaker took it. Also considering the thick accent, anyone would get confused. I agree with your opinion that people shouldn't assume he's stupid, but don't blame it on the host when it was an operator error.


hi jastin ti je me i miri prej kengetarve te une, I lov you



Ha, I'm not his fan but this thing is truly nonsense. The only thing interviewer did is reading the script, he didn't ever repeat the question properly. It should have been '' 'Bieber' is German for baseketball?'' not just "Is German for baseketball" - who would understand that?. No doubt why they both misunderstood that.


Leave Justin alone.. i dont know what it means either, well i kinda do. but anyway. you dont really need to post him not knowing what it means all over the web.. give him some space..


I read the article, watched the video and wondered how the idiots writing the article ever got the job. This is a perfect example of why I do not pay much attention to the media and the various journalists who make a living bashing people or playing up the Democratic party, they are really good at slanting things to fit their misconceptions.


you know Justin is a very smart kid. He is basically homeschooled like me. I a a homeschooled highschool student. Just and I are the same age. I am sure he is smart. I think sitting on the Oprah couch is not that bad fr him. he is famous. Leave him alone.


WHAT THE HECK. omg the guy asked it wrong! justin bieber is really smart and talented. and this isnt that serious. like wow everyone. i didnt understand the question at first. he probably thought it was like an adjective or something. cut him some slack! at least he wasnt embarrassed to say he didnt know what it means. he's awsome. i love you JUSTIN! <3 <3


the guy did mess it up, "Justin, aah, Bieber, sorry, is German for basketball." - and his accent was a big hard to understand for me.
but then he let Justin read it..
the thing is he was confused at first, but still didn't know what "German" means...

im not a fan neither a hater, but I think this is something most people his age or even younger should know.

though it doesnt seem to affect him.. hes got tons of fangirls and has a successful career.

the kid acted cool and that made it look fine.


Did you people ever think that maybe he was saying something more like, "We don't say basketball in German in America, so I don't know if basketball is bieber in German." I'm sure Justin knows what German is.


WTF? Really????? We have an oil disaster in the Gulf, earthquake and volcanoes ravaging the earth, and you really think that Justin Bieber doesn't know what the word "Germany" means?? I think there is much more to think about...


NZ TV host:
Justin...Bieber sorry is German for basketball, true or false?
(seems like TV host forgot Justin's last name and apologized. therefore the question he seem to be asking: Is German for basketball, true or false. it makes no sense, i know)
Is what?
NZ TV host should have then said in reply: sorry for my accent. true or false: your last name, Bieber, means basketball in German

i'm sure JB would have answered it correctly


Yes i can understand that for foreigners the Kiwi accent may be hard to interpret but three things for the retards who have posted. a: Drew(the presentor) ket Justin read the cue card. B: They were playing a game of true or false so it wasn't out of context. c: /justin repeated the word several times, confusedly i might add. The guys been to Germany before, he said himself its German for 'Beaver'. He is a cute singer(fad), but is not going to be the next obama girls, thank christ for that.


Maybe he really doesn't know what his last name translates to in German and he didn't want to make a mistake by saying either true or false and getting totally ridiculed for it. Instead he is ridiculed for what I think is a clever way to avoid answering the question.


You know what? I'm betting ALL those people which said that the question was "Is German for Basketball" or said that they didn't understand the first time are probably dumb americans.
How could you not understand it? My twelve year old daughter understood it! Honestly! Also for those saying he probably didn't understand the interviewers accent, HE GOT A CHANCE TO READ THE DAMN CARD.. WITH THE QUESTION ON IT..WRITTEN IN ENGLISH..WITHOUT AN ACCENT.

You guys (Mainly Americans) ARE STUPID!! That's all..
Don't blame it on the interviewer's STRONG accent, JB didn't have to go to New Zealand if he didn't want to did he?


Okay I played this clip over twice & the interviewer clearly said "Justin, Bieber is German for Basketball true or false? He even showed him the question card! So Justin didn't understand the question or the accent he could've read it for himself.


This thread is amazing! who are these people? do they sit around all day googling justin bieber?

/site_media/uploads/images/users/longjohn/wing-of-a-roller-smalljpg.jpg longjohn

@anodyne You're as fking ridiculous as him. First of all, the interviewer said, "Is Bieber German for basketball?" not "Bieber is german for basketball". Moreover It was a true or false question. So it was a question after all and not a statement. Secondly, the interviewer understood that Bieber couldn't understand his accent and hence showed him the card where the question was written. Event after clearly seeing the words, he did not understand what it meant which means he's either retarded or he cannot read.


If you stupid fan girls are seriously defending this typically ignorant "singer", then you're seriously annoying and stupid. The guy doesn't know what German is and he's sixteen; I knew what German was when I was five. It's a simple thing, really; German is an adjective to describe the language, people, etc from GermanY. We were in two world wars with them in the twentieth century. If he seriously doesn't know that, then he's really retarded and a tool!


I heard the question fine the first time the interviewer asked it. When he repeated it, yes he messed it up a bit. Then Bieber said "German?" which indicated that the confusion was over the word "German." The interviewer apologized for his accent, then showed Justin the card with the question. Either Justin cannot read, or he is just plain stupid and doesn't know what "German" means.

Leelaa, you are just as stupid as him. It was not a clever way to cover up not knowing what Bieber means in German. A smart person would have just said, "I don't really know, but I'll guess _____." It is a 50/50 shot when you guess. Now, if the poster above you is correct, and Justin said himself that Bieber is German for Beaver, then he really is just a complete idiot.

My main worry is that a bunch of young girls think that what Justin did was right, and are defending him.


Well it's pretty obvious what went on here. The interviewer showed Justin the word "German", and yet he still did not know what it meant. Besides, i understood the entire question the first time it was asked. "Is Bieber German for basketball." How hard is that to understand? Its pretty obvious to me that Bieber has it all... except a brain. He's a dumb blonde that would be hopelessly lost in this world without a voice to sing with. It looks to me like he needs to take a break from singing for a while and get a better education, because this kid is DUMB! What's worse is all these little girls trying to defend him. They just can't accept the fact that their beloved Bieber is this dumb. Shame on you Bieber. Shame on you for making intelligent little girls defend your dumb ass. Get an education kid.


Honestly,Not trying to be racist cause I happen to have German friends that I love,But,Justin said he thought the guy said Jewman,And also,You don't know what that man had on the paper,So don't hate. Justin is still a talented 16 year old boy who has skills at singing. Don't hate seriously,think about how you would feel if you were 16,famous,messed up,and nobody ever let it go and get passed,Honesttly,nobody would like it,I know that for a fact. Also,If germans or anybody else hate him over this than they werent even a true fan to start with,Once a belieber,Always a belieber. Seriously,Justin's done worse things than this,Justin had been caught on youtube disrespecting girls bodies,hes been caught cussing people older than him out,Hes been caught drinking achoholic drinks,hes been caught doing alot more bad things. OH WELL,Hes a human just like us,Just because hes famous doesnt mean that he is going to be perfect and never mess up. All his mistakes is what makes him the wonderful,level grounded person he is. And,If you're going to hate him over mistakes,Then get over yourself. Hes not perfect but neither are you,This is the past,Din't live in the past or think about the future. Just live the life happening right before your eyes. So,If you had time to find this,Read it,then leave hate comments,You honestly have no life,and what you did have you just wasted dissing a 16 year old...Wow that makes you reallly cool. Not Really. So lets grow up a little bit and act like mature adults here. I mean,if you're under like 10 you shouldnt even be on here. and if youre 10 or older,You should know how to respect people and act like mature adults. Justin's fans will fight for what they want. So I would suggest not posting this stuff on the internet. Also,Im not trying to disrespect,insult,be racist or anything like that in this comment,Im just stating what I feel is true.


i love you justin biebr very very


Jesus...what a stupid kid.


Bieber Is not German for beaver, Biber is


Canada is in North America. He's North American. Just how Spanish people are South American. He was right to say that.


So, everybody here is having a HUGE discussion about what happened. Personally, I think he was just having a dumb moment. Everybody has dumb moments. Once, my english teacher spelt "dying" as "dieing". As I said, dumb moment.

But, Leelala, if you honestly believed that that was a smart cover up, I think you are soooo wrong.

People who are saying "You're all wasting your time commenting on something so minor". Well, you're here aren't you?

I still don't get how Beiber couldn't just READ.

And Rebekah, if disrespecting girl's bodies, cussing people out, drinking alcohol under age and doing more bad things makes him a human, then whoop-de-doo. He's ABSOLUTELY (just like you said) a "wonderful and level grounded person".

I'm 16. Why don't I go and make out with some random married guy? It will be okay because I'm HUMAN. The thing is: 1) I've never disrespected a guy's body. 2) I don't swear. 3) I've never had alcohol except for the stuff that's been cooked into food (in which case isn't alcoholic anymore)... If Justin Beiber had alcohol under age, then... didn't the law or police of someone do something about it?

Also, people are discussing if he's dumb or not. Rebekah said he's had alcohol. Under age people aren't supposed to have alcohol because it kills their brain cells. Think about that.


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