Justin Bieber Could Face Six Months In Jail For Alleged Assault

    Poor little Justin Bieber has had a rough week. He suffered a concussion after running into a glass door during a secret gig in Paris on Thursday, May 31, but that was the least of his troubles.

    A few days earlier, Biebz and a papparazo got into a physical altercation after the photographer attempted to take pictures of the young singer and his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, near his home in Calabasas, CA.

    The camera man called 911 but by the time the police arrived, Bieber and Gomez were gone. The victim also complained of upper torso pain. An ambulance was summoned and he was taken to a hospital, where he was shortly discharged. In addition, the photog filed a police report, naming Bieber as the culprit for misdemeanor battery.

    While detectives are currently investigating the allegations, the case is being referred to the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, ABC News reported. If the teen is found guilty, he could face six months of jail time. And my goodness, that would not be a pleasant experience for the baby-faced pop star.