Justin Bieber Completes Personal Goal By Collaborating With Lil Wayne

    For a while, Lil Wayne might have been the most prolific guest-rapper around, never too busy to drop a verse about being an alien, watching sports on TV, or whatever else he had cooking. So you have to wonder why he would hold out from making a track with one of the most popular pop singers of our time, Justin Bieber.

    Or actually, no you don’t, because Lil Wayne is a rapper who does hoodrat things (read: drugs, sexual promiscuity, ill-advised rock ‘n’ roll albums), and Justin Bieber is a squeaky-clean teen idol who drew an audience of uncorrupted teenagers to his interview with Fuse to talk about his new record, Believe. But apparently the collaboration did happen, and it resulted in a song called “Backpack” that will probably be on the “repackaging” of Believe, because when you’re Justin Bieber you can repackage an album when it’s less than a month old and people will still buy it.

    Bieber doesn’t explain what it was that finally convinced Weezy to sign on for a track—nor why a kid who doesn’t go to school and a rapper unassociated with backpack rap wrote a song about backpacks. But who cares! This marks a milestone for the Biebster, and he ends the interview by saying the only person left he wanted to collaborate with is Michael Jackson. He might be more difficult to coax onto a track than Weezy was, but these days nothing would surprise me. 

    Are there more artists Bieber should collaborate with, or has he reached a plateau to which no other artist can climb? Leave suggestions in the comments, and watch the interview below: