Justice’s Long-Awaited Sophomore Album, ‘Audio, Video, Disco,’ Due Out On Oct. 25

    After a new track pleased crowds at HARD Summer this weekend, Justice have finally announced the release plans for their sophomore album: It’s called Audio, Video, Disco and it is due out on Oct. 25 via Ed Banger/Because Music/Elektra. Recorded over a year-and-a-half, the album is more guitars and drums-based than the band’s (Cross) album, and features vocals from the likes of Ali Love, and singers from Midnight Juggernauts and Diamond Nights. Below we have the track list, along with first single “Civilization:”


    Audio, Video Disco track list:

    01 Horsepower

    02 Civilization

    03 Ohio

    04 Canon (Primo)

    05 Canon

    06 On’n’on

    07 Brianvision

    08 Parade

    09 Newlands

    10 Helix

    11 Audio, Video, Disco