Just Blaze, Dan The Automator And Al-P Remix A-Team Theme



    Remixes of classic film or television themes are generally not my thing. But I suppose Hollywood keeps churning these out with the idea that at least one of these will have mass appeal, even to a grinch like me.


    Just Blaze, Dan the Automator and Al-P of MSTRKRFT were tapped (by whom? Unclear, but I’m sure YouTube user officialteammovie had something to do with this) to remix the A-Team theme song. Not sure if there will be “one lucky winner” that will be featured in the upcoming A-Team remake (actually, there was never a feature-length film in the movie theaters, right? I’m not counting that one special where they went back to ‘Nam b/c I think that was TV-only. Someone else please IMDB this).


    In any case, all three clips have the same format: some making-of hilarity and brief snippets of the remixes. Just Blaze and Automator also get to rock their respective cuts in a club to demonstrate that drunk guys and girls love it when viral marketing schemes comes together.


    Just Blaze gets my pick for taking a Bmore approach. But you can check out The Automator and the Al-P clips below. Automator still nice with the fader and the toy piano!