iPhone to hit streets June 29: Get in line now

    In case you weren’t watching 60 Minutes, the iPhone release date is official: June 29. Twenty-five days away. You can check out the ads and find a seafood restaurant in the heart of San Francisco’s tourist district here.
    There will be no pre-orders for the much coveted phone, so expect mass riots, whining from Apple fanboys on a national scale, gnashing of teeth, and the likes of me checking out the lines while playing on my Blackjack. Prefix will most likely not have a phone unless we pull a James Bond and bed some winsome Apple executive in the next couple of weeks, but we will have pictures of the masses gathered in San Francisco, which will undoubtedly be a frightening ground zero for this cataclysmic event.
    In non-iPod phone news, check the break for a warning on the newest iTunes revision.
    For those folks who go through the trouble of the buy-burn-rip method of converting iTunes files to MP3s playable on all players, there’s a catch with iTunes 7.2: You won’t be able to copy those MP3 files back to your iPod, snagging on an incompatbility error message. As much as we love Apple conspiracy theories, this appears to be a bug, one that can be fixed by recreating your music library as detailed on Playlistmag.
    Boing Boing iTunes article