Julianna Barwick And Helado Negro Announce OMBRE Project

    Julianna Barwick received plenty of acclaim for her hypnotic album of last year, The Magic Place, and the singer has a new project in the works as a follow-up. OMBRE is a collaboration between Barwick and Helado Negro, who will release an album together in August titled Believe You Me. A track from that album titled “Cara Falsa” is streaming below, which suggests the direction of this project will veer significantly from the star-gazing Barwick practices under her own name. 

    Track listing for Believe You Me [via FACT]:

    1. Noche Brilla
    2. Weight Those Words
    3. Vistate
    4. Dawning
    5. Sense
    6. Tormentas
    7. Cara Falsa
    8. The Nod
    9. Pausa Primera
    10. Noche Brilla Pt 2