Julian Casablancas Talks About “Disagreement” in the Strokes


    The countdown to the release Julian Casablancas’ Phrazes for the Young is under way, but the singer has already turned his attention back to his day job. The Strokes singer has been talking about his other band in an interview, and has said there was some “disagreement” about the follow-up to their last album, First Impressions of Earth.


    “There is a disagreement as to whether the songs are ready,” he said. “Some of the band think they are and others don’t. I’m somewhere in the middle. The problem is getting us together. We’re scattered everywhere, and apart from when we’re rehearsing we don’t see each other.”


    The band members seemed pretty tight when they emerged with Is This It back in 2001, but there’s clearly a distance between them now. “We’re not like people who go to the movies together. It’s weird with the band; a band is actually a great way to ruin a friendship.”