Julian Casablancas Says More Stuff About How The Strokes Aren’t That Happy Anymore

    We end this week the same way we began it: With another story about how the Strokes aren’t that happy together, and how their new album might not be that great. Earlier this week it was Nick Valensi. Now it’s Julian Casablancas in a story in the N.Y. Times. Here’s a sampling:

    What drew them too was their five-record contract with RCA; “Angles” is the fourth under that deal. All five members finally returned to the Music Building — where they’ve had dingy rehearsal spaces for a decade — to write, giving periodic thumbs-up updates about their progress. But soon enough Mr. Casablancas went back on tour to promote his solo album.


    And where was Julian? Still on the road. “I definitely wanted to step back as much as possible,” Mr. Casablancas said. He believed his style would be a roadblock. “I’m just very opinionated,” he said over tea near his East Village apartment.


    Mr. Casablancas eventually weighed in. “I would say roughly 60 percent of what they did I thought was rad and I didn’t touch, and then 40 percent I would either alter it or it got left behind,” he said. “I try to keep a high standard.” He wrote and recorded lyrics independently, borrowing lines from his band mates occasionally, and trying to maintain that equilibrium.


    Having a solo outlet helps. “I think ‘collaboration Strokes’ is more on the side of just poppy than what I am interested in personally,” he added. “I’ll take what I can get, so I’m happy.” (Not totally. Asked if he was excited about touring, Mr. Casablancas said no. He was most animated talking about raising his infant son; he and his wife, Juliet, prefer “co-sleeping” to having a crib.)

    Say what? Co-sleeping? Like that couple in Away We Go? But wait, moving on, he says only 60 percent of stuff kept him interested, and they got together because they have a five album deal. These stories certainly aren’t filling me with anticipation for Angles, I don’t know about you. [NY Times