Julian Casablancas Is Tired Of Being Treated Like Everything Is His Fault

    In case you were wondering, the Strokes are still not enjoying each other’s company. And Julian Casablancas, it seems, has decided that his bandmates are worthy of at least a modicum of suspicion, and are probably not his bffs. In fact, he even said as much in a recent interview with NME:


    “It’s hard for me sometimes because I do feel like people, if they could, would stab me to get to the top. I’m kidding of course … that’s why the whole ‘friend’ thing is hard for me. We do interviews and they point the finger at me. They’re my such good buddies that everything is my fault. We should have called the album Frenemies.”


    One can only imagine the tension in the studio right now where the band is recording. Oh, well. Add the Strokes to the already impossibly long list of bands that clearly hate each other. They’ll be in some pretty fantastic company. [NME via Vulture]