Juggalos Portrayed As Killers In ‘Law And Order’

    Last night’s Law & Order episode outraged the juggalo scene in its exploitation of the subculture. The episode is about the murder of a family,and it’s based on real allegations that Richard “Syko Sam” McCroskey, a horrorcore artist, beat four family members to death last September in Virginia.


    One of character calls the Insane Clown Posse fan scene a gang of “horrorcore rap psychos” whose music is “all about how they hate everybody — and what they’re going to do about it.”


    Rapper KidCrusher didn’t know before agreeing to have his music included. He blogged on MySpace today:


    I am pretty pissed off to hear they based the episode on Juggalos and try to make us all look like criminals and real serial killers (and think we would kill kids?!). They never told me the full details on the episode before I signed the contract for the release of my music video … I had a feeling they were gonna bag on me, i didn’t really care
    but juggalos…. man thats like talkin about my mamma


    Writes a commenter on the New York Times article about the episode,

    The Juggalo response has been intensely hypocritical. They can paint morbid scenes as an extension of their own art, but mainstream fictional dramas aren’t allowed to go there? That’s nonsense. Face it: L&O bested the Juggalos at their own game.