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Juggalos and Maggots Apparently Hate Each Other, Two of Them Wonder Why They Can't Get Along (Video)


Props to Videogum for posting easily the week's best video: In the clip above, two young gentleman scholars, I'll call them Future Prison Denizen One, and Future Prison Denizen Two, try to figure out why fans of Slipknot, colloquially known as "Maggots," and fans of Insane Clown Posse, colloquially known as "Juggalos," can't get along. Words can't even describe how hilarious/disturbing this is. Here are some of my favorite lines:


"What is the difference?"


"We're all considered horrorcore"


"ICP is still sick"


"I got homies that aren't even juggalos"


"I would take up the hatchet for him"


"We are the fucking shit"


"We're all fuck the mainstream, and fuck them richie bitches"


"If you're not down with any Juggalos, then fuck you."

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Insane Clown Posse

We need to send these two little dudes to Washington.

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hey theres nothing wrong with juggaloes and juggalettes being cool with maggots i have a friend whos a juggalo and listens to slipknot im a juggalette and i listen to slipknot and my friends girlfriends a juggalette and she listens to slipknot they are both wicked.whoop whoop


Labeling yourself a "maggot" or juggalo because you like either of these two acts is lame. I like Slipknot. I own a few of their albums and have seen them live, but I don't call myself a maggot (larval stage of insects?) Do KoRn fans call themselves cobs? What about Nine Inch Nail fans? Hammers? Is it because Slipknot and ICP are two of the few acts out there that disguise their faces that fans partake in this stupidity?


i am a juggalette and i like slipknot


Im a hardcore maggot and one of my best friends is an ex juggalo, juggalos have been hated on buy others cause of their unique way of life and maggots looked down on because well the mainstream f--ckheads cant accept anything to scary for their faggot bieber brains. Here in Texas juggalos and maggots have gotten along very well, altho our numbers ar dwindling


This stupid rumor of maggots and los/lettes not getting along is stupid, look at Tech N9ne, Hes a Juggalo, and he shouts out to Slipknot in his song Low...ICP/Pyschopathic Records Artists, Have Never Talked Smack About SLipknot Or Anything Having To Do With SLipknot...So This Needs To Stop..Maggots N Los Get Along Just Fine! An This COmes From A Lette Whos Seen Slipknot Live 4 Times, And Has The Hatchet Tatted On Her Chest TWICE..So Yall Needa Quit Spreadin Rumors!


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