Juggalos and Maggots Apparently Hate Each Other, Two of Them Wonder Why They Can’t Get Along (Video)


    Props to Videogum for posting easily the week’s best video: In the clip above, two young gentleman scholars, I’ll call them Future Prison Denizen One, and Future Prison Denizen Two, try to figure out why fans of Slipknot, colloquially known as “Maggots,” and fans of Insane Clown Posse, colloquially known as “Juggalos,” can’t get along. Words can’t even describe how hilarious/disturbing this is. Here are some of my favorite lines:


    “What is the difference?”


    “We’re all considered horrorcore”


    “ICP is still sick”


    “I got homies that aren’t even juggalos”


    “I would take up the hatchet for him”


    “We are the fucking shit”


    “We’re all fuck the mainstream, and fuck them richie bitches”


    “If you’re not down with any Juggalos, then fuck you.”