Journey apparently played the Super Bowl pre-game (Video)


    While I spent most of yesterday contemplating what the Boss tea-bag meant to America (not really, I was playing X-Box), tvideo surfaced of another "notable" performance at the Super Bowl on Sunday–Journey, who played the seemingly ubiquitous "Don’t Stop Believin’" as part of the Super Bowl pre-game show. As much as I’d like to laugh at this, I can’t get over how similar the band’s current singer, Arnel Pineda, sounds exactly like old vocalist Steve Perry. It’s incredibly uncanny.


    And while the original members who are still around are probably (likely) total d-bags for continuing to tour without most of the original band, Pineda just played the biggest show of his career. There’s a certain triumph in that, even if the song is horrid. At least the camera was far away from any old man nuts here. [Daily Swarm]