Journalists Lose Their Minds, Start Streaking Aboard Rihanna’s 777 Tour Plane (Video)

    It’s mayhem up there. When more than 150 journalists piled aboard Rihanna’s tour plane for her 777 Tour (seven countries in seven days), they were promised unfettered exclusive access to the pop star throughout the journey. Now, as the plane cuts between Berlin and London, Rihanna’s holed up in her private quarters while a throng of journalists completely lose their shit.

    We can see how being trapped in a plane with the promise of Rihanna but no actual Rihanna would inspire some anxiety among those looking for the perfect story to bring back to their publication, but we never anticipated this level of crazy. Journalists are chanting random syllables outside Rihanna’s panic room. One Australian guy keeps running down the length of the plane completely buck naked. As FUSE’s Esteban Serran puts it, “We were looking for a story, and we’ve turned out to be the story.”

    Watch footage of the journalistic pandemonium below. [HipHopWired]