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Josh Homme's Rekords Rekords Teams Up With Dangerbird Records

Josh Homme's Rekords Rekords Teams Up With Dangerbird Records

Josh Homme, would you give it a rest already? Your near-supernatural prolificness makes me feel awful for sitting on the couch like a schlub all day. It's embarrassing enough that while I lounge here filing my toenails you're playing with Queens of the Stone Age, Them Crooked Vultures and Eagles of Death Metal. It's even worse that while I'm eating the pizza I forgot to refrigerate from a few days ago, you're vacationing in Palm Desert with the likes of PJ Harvey, Mark Lanegan and Dean Ween to record the Desert Sessions. The fact that you've found time to run a label called Rekords Rekords all these years makes me weep into my umpteenth beer.


And now to add insult to injury, you, Josh Homme, are partnering Rekords Rekords with Silverlake-based Dangerbird Records, home to Silversun Pickups and Minus the Bear. Will it make you warm and fuzzy inside when you put out the first record of the partnership, Alain Johannes' solo effort Spark, this August 31? Will you be super-psyched when you release Mini Mansions' psychedelic debut? Will you, huh?


I sure hope you feel good about yourself, Josh Homme. Because you've made me feel pretty darn bad about myself right now.

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You didn't mention producing groups like Artic Monkeys in the studio that he built (personally to an extent) Pink Duck. Guy even did the wooden deck himself.


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