Josh Homme Files Lawsuit Against Kyuss Lives!

    Last year, John Garcia, former lead singer for pre-Queens of the Stone Age Josh Homme project, Kyuss, revived the band he used to front, taking a new band, Kyuss Lives! on the road to perform Kyuss songs. After a year of doing that in multiple countries, apparently Homme and original Kyuss member Scott Reeder have had enough: They’ve filed a lawsuit against Reeder, saying he shouldn’t be allowed to use the Kyuss name to tour the world.

    According to Homme, they had a meeting with Garcia to talk about Kyuss Lives! and came to some uneasy agreement. But apparently, Garcia and his new bandmates made a move in court to exclusively secure the rights to the name Kyuss, which then forced Homme and Reeder to sue Garcia. This is in the early phases, but we imagine any plans that Garcia has to tour some more might have to be put on hold. [Daily Swarm]