Joseph Gordon-Levitt Thinks His ‘(500) Days Of Summer’ Character Was Selfish

    Hey, all you ladies and gents who fell in love with Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character in 2009’s epically twee (500) Days Of Summer: Gordon-Levitt himself thinks the character he played was “selfish” and “mildly delusional.” In an interview with Playboy, he talks about his role as the dude forever chasing after Zooey Deschanel through the aisles of Ikea:

     “He develops a mildly delusional obsession over a girl onto whom he projects all these fantasies. He thinks she’ll give his life meaning because he doesn’t care about much else going on in his life. A lot of boys and girls think their lives will have meaning if they find a partner who wants nothing else in life but them. That’s not healthy.”

    Gordon-Leavitt next stars in Looper, which from the trailer looks like Inception but with time-travel instead of dream theft. Awesome. [NME]