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Jonti Announces Debut, 'Twirligig,' And Shares A New Song

Experimental pop singer-songwriter Jonti caught our attention this summer with the release of a refreshing single, "Firework Spraying Moon," and a mixtape of his earlier works, Sine & Moon. Rather than hit with those two efforts and fade away, the Aussie has announced his proper full-length debut, Twirligig. We have known about it for a few months, though today we've learned that it's due out Oct. 18. You can actually purchase it digitally, and exclusively, now through the Stones Throw website.

You can stream the track "Hornets Nest" and view the track listing below.


01 Hornets Nest
02 Koi Moons Daughter
03 Nightshift in Blue
04 Nodlews Way Home
05 Passaros
06 Snickers Hiss
07 Solar Smoking Dogs (Lucia)
08 Spooky Sport
09 Twirigig
10 Batmilk
11 Begone Slumber
12 Cyclic Love feat. Otayo Dubb
13 Firework Spraying Moon
14 Frightened Mics (Dots)

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