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Jonsi Scoring (Another) Cameron Crowe Film

Jonsi Scoring (Another) Cameron Crowe Film

Sigur Ros frontman Jonsi and director Cameron Crowe are clearly best buds. After the latter helped "break" Sigur Ros more than a decade ago by using their music on the Vanilla Sky soundtrack, they linked up again for Crowe's latest film, We Bought a Zoo. They even wrote a track together called "Gathering Stories," which served as a portion of the film's score.

And seeing how their such good friends, Jonsi and Crowe are collaborating one more time on the director's in-the-works comedy. It doesn't have a name, release date, or anything like that, but we do know we can expect some grandiose music on the soundtrack. Peep the "Gathering Stories" video below. [P4K]

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