Jonny Greenwood has blood on his hands

    Jonny Greenwood’s soundtrack for Paul Thomas Anderson’s ””There Will Be Blood”” is set for CD release December 18th. Greenwood is perhaps best known for playing guitar, synth, and his own cheekbones for up-and-coming UK band Radiohead. He is, however, no stranger to soundtracks, having released his score for the documentary ””Bodysong”” in ’03. Two of the ten tracks on the new record are sections of an orchestral piece entitled ””Popcorn Superhet Reciever”” written by Greenwood for the BBC.


    Jonny Greenwood – ””There Will Be Blood”” OST – Tracklist

    1. Open Spaces
    2. Future Markets
    3. Prospectors Arrive
    4. Eat Him By His Own Light
    5. Henry Plainview
    6. There Will Be Blood
    7. Oil
    8. Proven Lands
    9. HW/Hope Of New Fields
    10. Smear