Johnny Marr Splits From The Cribs

    After nearly four years and at least a full-length album’s worth of material (2009’s Ignore the Ignorant to be precise), Johnny Marr and the Cribs’ musical partnership has come to an end.


    The legendary Smiths guitarist said in a statement,”I’m working on new solo songs. I’ll be putting out two records over the next year or so and doing more film soundtrack work.” Last year, Marr performed the Inception score live with its composer Hans Zimmer and a 20-piece orchestra, then was tasked with penning the theme song to a BBC sitcom. So, the transition seems rather natural, no? 


    With Marr’s announcement, the Cribs are once again a trio that includes Gary and Ryan Jarman and their younger brother, Ross. According to, the siblings are planning to record their fifth album following summer festival commitments.