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Johnny Marr Performs 'Inception' Score Live With Hans Zimmer (Video)


Christopher Nolan’s Inception is due for release tomorrow (July 16), and after acres of pre-release hype, many critics have decided that it’s just not very good. But while we wait 24 hours to see whether they are correct or not, here’s a video of former Smiths’ guitarist Johnny Marr performing the soundtrack with Hans Zimmer and a 20-piece orchestra.


The clip was shot in Los Angeles at the El Capitan Theatre, and takes place around the eight-minute mark after many stars of the film have claimed Nolan as the second coming of Christ. "Suddenly in the middle of the night I was sitting there writing this little tune and I go 'woah this would sound really good if Johnny Marr played it,'" claimed Zimmer during his interview time.


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Johnny Marr

Ummmm, most critics have praised this film. See

Liam Gallagher

One of the linked reviews ("very") is from Armond White, a known review troll who rates good movies as bad and bad movies as good. Since he dislikes it, that can only mean one thing: Inception is going to be amazing! As already pointed out, rottentomatoes seems to show that the movie is receiving mostly positive reviews.


yeah the reviews or RT are generally favorable. I'll check the film out.

/site_media/uploads/images/users/daba/me-bermudajpg.jpg Daba

Might want to get your facts straight before writing your article there tiger. So far over 8 out of 10 reveiwers seem to really like or love it, and having read most of the negative reviews it seems these poor folks just found it to be too much brainwork. Never mind, I'm sure there's a pre-fab sequel around the corner that'll cheer them up.


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