Johnny Marr Performs ‘Inception’ Score Live With Hans Zimmer (Video)


    Christopher Nolan’s Inception is due for release tomorrow (July 16), and after acres of pre-release hype, many critics have decided that it’s just not very good. But while we wait 24 hours to see whether they are correct or not, here’s a video of former Smiths’ guitarist Johnny Marr performing the soundtrack with Hans Zimmer and a 20-piece orchestra.


    The clip was shot in Los Angeles at the El Capitan Theatre, and takes place around the eight-minute mark after many stars of the film have claimed Nolan as the second coming of Christ. “Suddenly in the middle of the night I was sitting there writing this little tune and I go ‘woah this would sound really good if Johnny Marr played it,'” claimed Zimmer during his interview time.