Johnny Marr join’s R.E.M onstage for encore

    With fourteen longplayers under its belt, R.E.M has the ability to play unique sets every night of its current tour, and that’s just what the band is doing, along with pulling Johnny Marr onstage to perform during last night’s encore in North Carolina. Marr, who’s supporting R.E.M with Modest Mouse, joined R.E.M for "Fall on Me" from 1986’s Life’s Rich Pageant (Michael Stipe’s favorite song from the catalog, at least that’s what he said in 1991).


    The band was also joined with Murmur producers Mitch Easter and Don Dixon for "Sitting Still."  Stipe, Buck, and Mills have been playing songs from every one of their albums.


    Here’s the set list:


    "Living Well Is the Best Revenge"

    "Bad Day"

    "What’s the Frequency, Kenneth?"


    "Man-Sized Wreath"

    "Welcome to the Occupation"


    "Seven Chinese Brothers"

    "Hollow Man"

    "Imitation of Life"



    "Walk Unafraid"

    "The One I Love"

    "Final Straw"

    "Find the River"

    "Let Me In"

    "Horse to Water"

    "Auctioneer (Another Engine)"

    "Orange Crush"

    "I’m Gonna DJ"

    "Supernatural Superserious"

    "Losing My Religion"

    "Fall on Me"

    "Sitting Still"

    "Man on the Moon"