Johnny Marr announces The Smiths are not to reform

    This time around Morrissey and Marr weren’t so quick to quell ‘The Smiths to reform’ rumours. This time around they didn’t deny they were considering playing Coachella, after being offered a "ludicrous amount of money."


    Nope, this time around they tantalized fans.  Talking to the BBC on the subject of a Smiths’ reformation, Johnny Marr came the closest he’s ever come to giving the idea his approval, saying he hadn’t "really given it much thought."


    This year’s reformation rumours had been fed by Marr’s involvement in the latest Smiths’ compilation, The Sound of The Smiths. Marr explains why he felt compelled to intervene in this release, the fourth since the band’s demise, "Over the years there have been releases of the records and I wasn’t happy with the way they sounded. So I rolled my sleeves up and fixed that, and I’m pretty happy with the way that turned out."


    So, call me cynical, but it would appear that Marr’s reluctance to quash the reformation rumours could be linked to the imminent release of the compilation in the UK (it was released in the US in November.) He has finally stepped forward now though, telling the NME, "The stories circulating about a Smiths reunion are, as usual, untrue." He elaborated that, at the moment, he’s fully committed to his current band, The Cribs, "I’m currently very excited about writing and recording with The Cribs for a new album to be released next summer and we’re playing shows in February, so going back in time isn’t in my plans."


    Oh well, at least there’s always next year.  [NME]