Johnny Depp to Direct Documentary About Keith Richards

    Johnny Depp famously based his Jack Sparrow character from the Pirates of the Caribbean movies on Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards, even inviting him to appear in a cameo role in one of the features. Now, Richards is set to have his remarkable life brought to the big screen, in a documentary Depp is directing.


    The film could potentially be one of the great rock & roll documentaries if it’s done right, and Depp is likely to gain access to salacious material that would be off limits to someone without his connections. “Now that I’m wiser, and that enough time has passed, I can experience directing again,” Depp said. “Next week I’ll start working on a Keith Richards documentary.”


    “I’m touched that Keith agreed to show up in front of my cameras,” Depp continued, which suggests that the guitarist is on board with the project. It’s possible that there’s too much material about Richards to cover in one documentary, but hopefully it will reveal more about his friendship with Gram Parsons, and clarify some wild tales, such as his claim to have snorted his dead father’s ashes.


    [via The Playlist]